About LUii

Lund University Internet Institute, LUii

LUii is a department within Lund University dealing with digitisation from a multidisciplinary perspective. LUii was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in the Castle of Landskrona, Sweden, also known as the Citadel.

The management of LUii is to a large extent performed within the two-headed management team consisting of Stefan Larsson, Head of LUii, and Måns Svensson, Head of Research.

Stefan Larsson

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Stefan Larsson is head of Lund University Internet Institute and a sociolegal researcher who generally studies issues in the intersection of conceptual, legal and social change, particularly in relation to digitisation and the Internet. Read more.



Måns Svensson

Mans_svenssonMåns Svensson is Head of Research at Lund University Internet Institute, is a sociolegal researcher that leads the Cybernorms research group and is also Head of the Centre for Work, Technology and Social Change (WTS). Read more.



Staff and affiliated researchers