Digital Work-Life Research

That work-life is undergoing tremendous changes due to digitization is an uncontested fact these days, and we are happy to see that two of our most closely affiliated researchers are busy studying and creating knowledge around issues following in the footsteps of this development.

9781447329015_200_digital-sociologies_haftadIt is Calle Rosengren, PhD in Work Science and head of LUii’s sister organisation Arbetsmiljöhögskolan, and Mikael Ottosson, Associate Professor of Work Science and a PhD in History, that studies topics of work environment and psychosocial working conditions in the context of knowledge-intensive service production in a project funded by FORTE.

They are, for example, also guest editors on a Call for papers: Digital Working Life. in a special issue of Management Revue.

Furthermore, they have a forthcoming chapter on Digitization, employee monitoring, trust and anticipatory conformity in the anthology ”Digital sociologies” (Policy Press), and have just signed a textbook contract with with Swedish academic publisher Gleerups regarding the work in the mentioned FORTE project.

Calle Rosengren, forskare inom rttssociologi och arbetsvetenskap p Arbetsmiljhgskolan vid Lunds universitet.

Calle Rosengren.

Mikael Ottosson.

Mikael Ottosson.

Calle Rosengren is also part in the new research theme on “Work and Organization in the Digital Age”, starting in the fall of 2016 with funding from the Pufendorf Institute of Advanced Studies at Lund University. The research theme will explore how the technological revolution transforms the way we work, both as individuals and on an organizational level, and the challenges this entails nationally and globally. The theme brings together researchers from four faculties, 6 departments, 3 institutes and 2 universities.

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