LUii part in formulating strategies for increased competitiveness in Cyber Security and Trustworthy ICT

Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, just released who receives funding for formulating future calls for increased competitiveness. Lund University Internet Institute takes part in one of the projects that receives funding. The project is called Cyber Security and Trustworthy ICT [Informationssäkerhet och säker IKT] and  proposes the creation of a research and innovation agenda in the area. The focus will be on:

  • Trusted Computing and processing platforms
  • Trusted Cloud Infrastructure technology and management Cryptography
  • Software security
  • Trust Assurance Methodologies and Common Criteria Network robustness
  • Privacy and access control
  • Legal frameworks

Project leader is Ben Smeets, and responsible contact from LUii is Research Director Stefan Larsson. Additional collaborators are Ericsson AB, Dept of Electrical and Information Technology at Lund University, Lindholmen Science Park, Dept. of Theoretical Computer Science within the School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH, division ADIT under the department of computer and information science at Linköping University,  Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS).

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