LUii’s Larsson signs book deal with Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press bookshop

Stefan Larsson, Associate Professor in Technology and Social Change, recently signed a contract with Oxford University Press for a book titled Conceptions in the Code. How Metaphors Explain Legal Challenges in Digital Times. The book will be part of a series entitled Oxford Studies in Language and Law.

“I’ve been studying and writing about how metaphors are relevant for how law operates and how we understand digital phenomena, for a couple of years now. The book is a way to collect all of that and make a more comprehensive analysis,” Larsson says.

By utilising the case of copyright in a digital context the book explains the role that metaphor plays when the law is dealing with technological change, displaying both conceptual path-dependence as well as what is called non-legislative developments in the law. Conceptions in the Code is expected to contribute to sociolegal analysis as well as to conceptual metaphor theory, and to be published in January 2017.

Larsson’s earlier publications on metaphors, law and digital phenomena.

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