New open data project – a legal handbook

As the funding agency VINNOVA revealed in a press release today, Lund University Internet Institute yet again receives funding (180KSEK) for a project regarding open data. The project, called Public Open Data – Legal Handbook (or “Offentliga Öppna Data – En juridisk handbok”), will run from December 2013 to August 2014. The main result – as the title implies – will be to develop and publish a thorough legal handbook for the handling of information from the public sector.

It will also inform about and educate on the open license and the data policy already developed a the previous project,

The project is lead by Stefan Larsson from LUii and includes Jonas Ledendal from the Dep of Business Law, and Joakim Lundblad, from the Chamber of Commerce in Southern Sweden. In addition to the members of the project group , two external legal experts will be commentators on the book draft along the way: Daniel Westman, researcher in legal informatics, and David Klose, attorney at Moll Wendén Law firm.

This project is a spin-off from open data 1 (methodology) and open data 2 (legal solutions) and means that Lund University Internet Institute has been funded by all three of VINNOVAS calls on open data, in strong national competition.

A further presentation of the project can be found here.

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