A multidisciplinary approach on digitisation

Lund University Internet Institute, LUii, is a platform for understanding the societal impact and correlation to digitization. Click the links in the left bar to access fuller presentations of both ongoing and past research projects, and you will notice that they are highly interdisciplinary and mostly links different disciplinary context from both within Lund University as well as in other arenas. A selection of the most formative projects are listed below, in order to explain the background and content of LUii as well as to link to some of the more public interest that the projects have spurred.

LUii has developed from a research group studying processes of norm creation in a digital society, headed by Måns Svensson. It has been funded by the Swedish Knowledge foundation, but also by the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University. Read more here (in eng) or here (in swe). The Cybernorms research group  has received recognition globally for conducting the Research Bay studies with over 140 000 respondents. The first year’s Research Bay survey has been released as a searchable database – The Survey Bay.

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The role of social media in professional organizations (Sompo)
This research project is lead by Kari Rönkkö and is concluded after 2016, and includes Måns Svensson, Hanna Carlsson and Lupita Svensson, and is funded by Forte. It is performed in collaboration with the City of Landskrona. It deals with the challenges that social media poses on organizations, for leadership and work life. Read an interview with Kari Rönkkö at FORTE.

Legal challenges in a digital context
This project runs from 2014 to 2016 and studies normative gaps, online traceability, surveillance and conceptual change. It is funded by The Swedish Research Council and lead by Stefan Larsson. The project is hosted by the Lund University Internet Institue (LUii), and during its three years Stefan has been visiting

Read more at the project homepage.

Social Work and Digitalization
Lund University Internet Institute is during 2016 collaborating with the city of Helsingborg in a project on digitized social services. The project includes Stefan Larsson, Associate Professor in technology and social change at LUii, and Lupita Svensson, PhD in social work and senior lecturer at the School of Social Work at Lund University. The project is aimed at studying and making proposals on how social work can be developed by digital tools and processes. It is funded by the city of Helsingborg as well as VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency (see here 1, and here 2). A knowledge overview will be presented publicly in December and published shortly thereafter. Read more here.

Open data


Innovation/research: Finja Five AB
Finja Five AB is partly owned by Lund University and it develops and manages computer solutions for school and home from the Child-Friendly-Computing (CFC) concept. Finja Five is teaming up with Ericsson, UNESCO, the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Qualcomm Incorporated, and the external evaluator EduEval to support girls’ education in Myanmar (also known as Burma), by improving access to the internet, delivering teacher training and enabling students to experience a 21st century education. The program is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and some of the partners with approx. 80 million SEK (8,7 million EUR).

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Trust in a Digital Context


Digital consumption and indebtedness


Distributed measurement of ICT use
This is a project were JD Jonas Ledendal is the LUii part in a collaborative project with LUii, Acreo AB, Södertörn University and Info24 AB.  The aim is to develop a system for measuring ICT use that is integrity-assured ‘by design’. Funded by VINNOVARead more here.



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