Legal solutions for open data

(a.k.a. open data 2)

During 2013 this LUii-project has dealt with legal solutions for open data – funded by VINNOVA. See more here. It was reported on 11 November 2013 to the funding agency and the report is read by external experts before its final release (TBA).

The project has had its main focus on legal research and thereby be able to provide concrete suggestions for practical legal solutions for making public administration data sources open. Two distinct proposals are presented:

  1. Guidelines for re-use of data held by the Agency (data policy), and
  2. An open license for the further exploitation of information from the public administration.

The project has focused on the legal challenges that have proved to be crucial in the process of opening up data sources. Experience from a number of public players and a former project (“Från Byråkrati till Innovation“), also funded by VINNOVA, has shown that the legal issues, particularly with regard to copyright and contracts, is of immense importance for the accessibility of open (public) data.

In the initial phase of the project, we conducted a series of talks with government representatives and legal experts in the field of open data, including public seminars and roundtables. Then followed mainly a shift in focus towards the dogmatic legal issues, i.e. in form of a judicial inquiry, because the law proved so multifaceted and complex that only investigating what applies was a challenge in itself, which was the origin to legal uncertainty that was impeding open data processes. The legal review resulted in the proposals on data policy and license.

Stay tuned for the final report!


Watch Jonas Ledendal present the legal challenges with making open data available (in Swedish):


Project group

The project has been led by Stefan Larsson at the Lund University Internet Institute (LUii) and performed in collaboration with Jonas Ledendal at Department of Business Law at Lund University, and Joakim Lundblad at The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden. This project will continue to develop a legal handbook during 2014, also funded by VINNOVA.

Contact: Stefan.larsson [at]
+46(0)46 2227158